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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I might be back.
[Myspace] Well, that was fun while it lasted. Apparently when you're in a relationship you're supposed to let the other person know. I'll try and keep that in mind for the future.
I never wanted to be the stereotypical foreigner with the de rigeur accessory of a Korean girlfriend. I guess I dodged a bullet. After more than a year of emails and long-distance phone calls (Made of plastic, the KT America phone card features the face of Kim Jung Eun) she informed me that she was getting married in a month. Only then did I let her in on the secret of our relationship as it existed in my head. Rereading that email now has the sick fascination of watching videos of skateboarders wiping out.
Disappointingly, this substantially diminished my interest in things Korean (food excepted) although my desire to learn the peninsula's language and familiarize myself with its culture and history preceded the girl. A month after the wedding date, the interest seems to have survived.[/Myspace]

Started a new 'job' yesterday. I'm now one of the newest interns in the Michigan state legislature. I bestride the world like a colossus. I am the new Hammurabi, Iaw-giver. I answer phones. (At least one of the preceding descriptions may be correct) In reality I will probably rarely interact with Boss, the legislator for whom I work, my real supervisors are Chief, the head legislative aide, and Aide the other staff assistant (who I mistook for a fellow intern yesterday, great first impression). I'll be sitting in the office and attempting to placate constituents.
The one day that I've done so far was a great learning experience and I hope to post regularly about what I'm doing without actually saying anything. (Which, given my natural lack of tact, will be challenging).

PS Aren't I creative with the names?


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