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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hole Sweet Hole

Making the more than two-hour (one way) trip between where I lived and where I intern got to be a strain so I decided to find an apartment in Lansing. I soon discovered that close, affordable and nice is a best-two-out-of-three competition. I decided that nice was dispensable, mostly because I believe it is a sin to pay for parking. Now I can walk to work. Unfortunatly, last Sunday when I decided to move my belongings, my parents were otherwise occupied so I was only able to transport that which would fit into a tiny hatchback. (Yes, I bought a car. In fact, in keeping with my interest, its a 대우. It's tiny and dented and the radio doesn't really work because it's a nice aftermarket model that an incompetent previous owner tried to install. I really like my car.) That means that I have food and clothing but no furniture. Right now I wish I have bought a Korean dinner table, it would be a lot better than trying to balance my plate on my lap as I sit cross-legged on the floor (BTW, that ability has diminished along with my linguistic skills).
On Monday when I woke up, I was happy to learn that for my first pedestrian commute Mother Nature had scheduled rain. Whee! Were it not for the fact that I am even more of a cheapskate than I am a slacker, I would surely have driven to work.
I have been slowly becoming acclimated to my new duties, the Chief now requires 50% less red ink to review my constituent letters. As I predicted, I don't really interact with the Boss. She came into the office two weeks ago and called me over for chat. After asking one question, and before I could answer, she was called away to some other duties and I basically haven't seen her since. She exists as a pleasant but disembodied voice on the phone. Campaign season is upon us so my superiors are getting a little stressed. The have to be out of the office quite often because the office is government property. It's one of those rules that makes perfect sense in theory but seems a bit daft. Politicians get their jobs via politics and retain their jobs the same way but are not permitted to engage in it at their jobs. The law's not wrong, it's just silly.

Meanwhile, in the topic that I meant to dedicate this blog to, hopefully 김정일 is about to get on the very last nerve of his Chinese 'friends' who have been a big part of the life support for that moribund regime. I'm inclined to believe that a nuclear test is of no great benefit to the North and that it might be the push a lot of Southern appeasers need to get off the fence. I continue to believe that it would be nice to have options besides apology for present tyranny and nostalgia for the tyranny of the past. Well, a guy can hope, can't he.


Anonymous kangmi said...

Ah, so that's where you are.

Is the Chief who I think she is?

10/05/2006 5:43 PM


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